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Dabbing 101: Quick Guide for Cold Starting

Dabbing is an effective way to consume cannabis at higher concentrations. While it may be intimidating at first, the process of preparing and executing the perfect dab becomes more familiar with time and is a perfect way to seek relief. Here’s a trick to taking the perfect dab – Cold Starting.

Cold Starting is a way to get a perfect hit at low temperatures without wasting any of your concentrates. You’ll experience more flavor from the terpenes without any of the harsh after-tastes.

Cold Start dabs is the process of loading your banger with concentrate FIRST before you heat the banger. This is also known as ‘reverse dabbing’.

Here are some basic instructions:

(Example of a dab being torched during the cold start process.)


Place your ‘dab’ onto/into the banger. Everyone’s dosing is different, so I recommend first finding your preferred ‘dab’ for this process.


Place your carb cap onto the banger. The carb will help you dab at lower temperatures and vaporize the concentrates more effectively.


Using your torch or other heating elements, apply light heat to the banger until the dab starts to vaporize; this helps control your temperature easily and avoids the risk of burning your concentrates at too high of a temperature. 

Note: High temperature dabs can sometimes contribute to a harsh and unpleasant after-taste.


You’ll notice the concentrate ‘bubbling’ which indicates that it is reaching its ideal melting point.

Once you see the concentrate vaporizing, inhale, and take your hit!

Enjoy yourself. 😊