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Entertaining with Cannabis – Margaweedas

By Jefferson King, Marketing Director, Everest Cannabis Co.

If you’re anything like me, you’re an avid medical cannabis user looking forward to sharing all the new, LEGAL, cannabis products about to be available to New Mexicans this April.  As a patient, I know what effects I can get from which strains, I know what terpenes are and what they do and, most importantly, I am familiar with my own personal dose when it comes to cannabis consumption…. and let’s face it, my own personal dose is going to be much higher than that of my friends that aren’t daily users.

Not to get all Superman’s uncle on you but as experienced cannabis users we have a responsibility to introduce our less experienced, albeit curious, friends to cannabis in a way that they can appreciate it as we do. We’ve all had that horrible head-trip that comes with too high of a dose and not only do we want to avoid putting a friend in that situation, we also want to avoid babysitting a friend while they’re in that condition.

Ok so here we are. Cannabis is legal. You can have it AT your party and you can bring it TO a party. And these days there are so many different ways of consuming cannabis available to us it’s important to know how we want to offer it to our guests. Since we’re talking about entertaining, let’s talk about cocktails. Or in this case, mocktails.

Let’s say you have a few guests coming to your house and you’d like to offer a cannabis drink that will taste good, is quick on the uptake and a safe alternative to alcohol. Since your party will more than likely last longer than an hour, you’ll want your guests to be able to enjoy a couple of drinks without getting too messed up. This is where dosing comes in. How much is enough?

This is where the fast-acting drink mixers at Everest come into play. They’re available in a variety of flavors, are easy to measure out and mix in any drink, and most feel their effects in less than 15 minutes. According to the directions, 1 tablespoon of syrup contains 12.5mg of THC. Broken down further, 1 teaspoon of syrup contains 4.16mg of THC. To put this in perspective, one hit of flower from a pipe delivers about 12mg of THC. So, your guest can have three 4.16mg drinks which should get them as high as one hit off a pipe would. If your quest is a total newbie to cannabis, I’d recommend using a ¼ teaspoon of syrup for a 2.8mg THC drink and then see how they do after an hour. As always, follow the cardinal rule of edible cannabis: Start low and go slow.

Easily the best part about a cannabis mocktail is no hangover the next morning. So go ahead, invite your friends over for taco Tuesday and have fun. Remember, nothing goes better with tacos than a cold margaweeda.

Lime Margaweedas:

– 1 teaspoon (4.16mg THC) fast-acting lime drink mixer

– 16 oz. non-alcoholic margarita mix

– lime slices and salt for garnish

combine drink mixer and margarita mix and stir. serve over ice or blended. salt rim (optional) and garnish with a lime.

Note: Many other flavor combinations are possible with our fast-acting drink mixers! Want a fruity, frozen strawberry margaweeda? Try combining yours with our pomegranate-flavored mixer. Or, desire a completely different kind of mocktail? Our simple syrup-flavored mixer goes with everything!