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How Cannabidiol Improves Lives

Colorado is known for majestic mountains, craft breweries and, of course, its wonderful world of weed. However, not everyone knows to take advantage of the state’s most progressive medicinal plant-based resource: cannabidiol, or CBD.

A compound known to produce medical benefits in both humans and animals, CBD is available in many formats for consumption. Hemp-based CBD products derived from plants with less than 0.3 percent THC are currently legal to produce in Colorado without a license from the Marijuana Enforcement Division and to sell in all fifty states. But cannabis-based CBD products in marijuana dispensaries are extracted from plants with much higher THC contents, and are highly regulated at a state level. Both are becoming increasingly popular among patients and retail consumers alike – so what’s all the fuss about?

Humans are all born with endocannabinoid systems, a network of cannabinoid receptors in our brains and bodies that receive CBD. Our bodies generate CBD by themselves, but can benefit from externally introduced CBD through ingestion or inhalation. So while you might think all of your pot-loving friends are only taking dabs and smoking bowls, they might also be downing droppers of CBD hemp oil for pain management in the morning and consuming CBD isolate powder as a sleep aid at night.


As lucky as we are to live in Colorado’s cannabis haven, it’s important to arm ourselves with knowledge about CBD and its healing effects – but that can create a lot of questions: What kind of CBD is best for me? Should I use THC at all? Where can I find what I need? Don’t worry: We’ve done the legwork for you. Here are six instances in which CBD helps Mile High residents, from treating Multiple Sclerosis to enhancing love lives.

Pain Relief

Patients often seek pain relief from big pharmaceutical companies, because it’s what they’ve been conditioned to do. After a work-related accident left Noah Novello with four herniated disks in his back, he was no different. “I was barely able to move,” he says. Over the course of two years, he was on a cocktail of twenty different pills per day, including OxyContin, morphine and Dilaudid. On a friend’s recommendation, Novello tried hash oil with a 1:1 THC-to-CBD ratio.