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Managing Holiday Stress with Cannabis

While holidays can be a time of joy, they can also bring on the stress. If you have family coming over, it can be expensive and exhausting feeding and entertaining everyone. Make sure to save some energy for yourself. Responsible consumption may help you relieve some of the tension associated with holiday stress.

A survey by Healthline reported that more than six out of 10 people find holidays stressful, with finances looming large as the biggest source of stress. Here’s some information that can help you put your medical marijuana to good use when your beloved family members cause you anxiety.

Focus on CBD:THC ratio


Are you wondering what CBD to THC ratio really means? Let’s look at a few examples to help you determine what combination can get you through a dinner with your judgmental Aunt Judy.

  • 18:1 CBD to THC – This stands for 18 parts CBD versus 1 part THC. This blend will have a high concentration of CBD, rather than psychoactive THC. This could be a good place to start if your new to medical marijuana use.

  • 4:1 CBD to THC – This midrange ratio may include stronger psychoactive effects. Determine whether that will help you relax and reduce stress over the holidays.

  • 1:1 CBD to THC – If you have a high tolerance to medical marijuana, this ratio may suit your needs. It provides a higher psychoactive ratio than blends with a higher CBD concentration.

For stress relief, you should be able to find blends that have anti-anxiety properties. Cannabis is broken up into two main types, Sativa and Indica. Both are used for medical marijuana purposes as well as recreational use.

  • According to Healthline, Sativas can produce an energizing, vigorous effect. This could help increase your focus and creativity, therefore making you feel less anxious.

  • However, many users may decide to go for Indica, which may produce a deeper relaxation to alleviate holiday stress due to a depressing news cycle, overly loud neighbors, burnt cookies or a turkey that’s sign too slowly.

  • Experiment well in advance of the holidays and keep your most effective blend handy when your anxiety starts to climb.

Enjoy Edibles


Edibles can help you avoid disapproving looks. If you need medical marijuana to help with stress management, it’s nobody’s business but yours. However, families and friends have a way of making everything their business. You can avoid that with discrete consumables in your favorite format.

  • Edible gummies and chocolates can provide yummy ways to consume your cannabis during end of year festivities.

  • Don’t forget your favorite drink recipes can help you maintain your calm and privacy.

As more states legalize cannabis, Forbes magazine predicts that edibles will become a huge market. It may be time to try out these products for yourself if you haven’t already. Other consumers are already eating up $180 million worth have edibles and drinks.

Stop by Standing Akimbo and chat with our budtenders about what may work best for your holiday stress management. As always, consume responsibly.