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Medical cannabis dispensaries are somewhat of a sacred space for many people utilizing the medicinal and therapeutic properties that cannabis has to offer. From a budtender’s perspective, here are three catch-all etiquette tips to hold a space that is comfortable, welcoming, and respectful for both employees and customers.

Read the Posted Signage

Abide by all rules and regulations, it is all important information and saves everyone time when followed. Everything from, “No consumption on site” to “Please have your ID and Medical Card ready” can make everything flow a lot easier in the dispensary. By abiding by the laws, dispensaries can continue to offer medicine to those who need it the most.

Be Considerate of Other’s Time

Although we love to create connection with our customers, we are also trying to serve many people throughout a day while accomplishing many tasks. We always want to provide you with what you need in the highest customer service standpoint, but being considerate of the other patients and budtender’s time can ensure better service to all.

Know the Laws

Speak with integrity. Medical dispensaries are close-knit communities and typically inhabit small areas. Please refrain from speaking about any illegal activity, such as purchasing medical marijuana for a non-medical user, or taking products out of state. It puts the employee and business in a very vulnerable position. If you are medical card holder, the medical cannabis you purchase is for you and you only. Additionally, please be mindful of other patients in the room, if any. As a dispensary, we always want to create a safe space for everyone to come pick up their medicine and feel comfortable. As a rule of thumb, some things that are said in a bar, should not be said in a dispensary. Keep it clean and respectable!

By being considerate, a trip to your local Denver medical marijuana dispensary will be an enjoyable visit each and every time. Know that we can only continue to provide therapeutic and medicinal cannabis if all of us are in integrity, and it is truly the best job when these etiquette tips are followed.

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