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The Best Stoner Rom Coms to Watch Tonight

“The Big Lebowski.” “Friday.” “Half Baked.” If you ask someone what their favorite stoner movies are, nine times out of ten you’ll get one of those three answers. Of course, you’ve probably seen them countless times – so those recommendations don’t exactly help you figure out what to watch tonight.


These recommendations, however, will.


What follows is a list of the best stoner rom coms that you should check out, and sooner rather than later. Not all of them are obvious picks, but with a little cannabis by your side, they are one thing above all others:


A good time.

La La Land

2016’s “La La Land” was notable for a lot of reasons – including how it “kinda, sorta” won “Best Picture” at the Oscars that year, only to have it recanted literally seconds later. But if you’re going to pair any modern day rom com with cannabis, let it be this one. Damien Chazelle’s trippy visuals and a terrific score will really combine to help take your evening to the next level.


Knocked Up

If you had to choose a “Mount Rushmore” of modern day stoner rom coms, “Knocked Up” would undoubtedly be on it. Going beyond the fact that cannabis factors prominently into the plot, it’s a movie that still holds up in a funny, sweet and endearing way. It also cemented the “King of Comedy” status of writer/director Judd Apatow, for whom we can basically thank for all the stoner movies to come after it.


Pineapple Express

Speaking of Judd Apatow, “Pineapple Express” is on this list for a slightly different reason. Yes, it’s an action movie starring a process server and his cannabis supplier who go on the run from the mob. But beyond that, it IS a romantic comedy – just one that places a heartwarming emphasis on the importance of platonic male friendship, instead of a typical romance between a man and a woman.


Shaun of the Dead

“Shaun of the Dead” isn’t what you’d think of as a traditional “stoner rom com,” but if there were ever a movie that would pair well with cannabis, it’s this one. Not only is Edgar Wright’s debut feature genuinely hilarious, but it’s also probably the best zombie romantic comedy (so it’s a stoner rom zom com?) ever made.



Last but not least we arrive at Kevin Smith’s sophomore outing “Mallrats” – the (at the time) critically reviled comedy that has taken on a second life of its own on home video. Featuring not one but two love stories and a healthy amount of cannabis thanks to famous troublemakers Jay and Silent Bob, it’s easy to see why this one is so beloved by so many people.


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