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Top 5 Cannabis Documentaries to Add to Your Watch List

There are documentaries about nearly any subject now, and with more streaming services funding their own original content, you’ll find formerly “taboo” subjects like cannabis consumption to be an ever-increasing topic. Learning about the myriad ways to enjoy cannabis, the history of the plant, and everything in between can be an enjoyable and enriching experience. This is especially true for people that have been told their whole life that cannabis is bad – exposing them to a documentary that reveals the truth and positive benefits of cannabis can be eye-opening.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best cannabis documentaries and where to find them. We’re sure there’s something on this list that you’ll enjoy for your next Netflix and mellow session.

Grass is Greener – 2019

In this documentary, Fab 5 Freddy looks at the popularity of cannabis in the music scene, particularly in jazz and hip-hop and in black culture within America. He illustrates how the policies that govern the legality of cannabis have had a disproportionate impact on black communities. If you’re interested in cannabis and music, this is a fantastic documentary. It’s currently streaming on Netflix.

Super High Me – 2007

With the success of Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me, a documentary in which he eats nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days and shows the negative effect, Super High Me aimed to do the opposite with cannabis. Comedian Doug Benson goes on a 30-day cannabis bender, smoking quite a bit every single day to prove there were no ill effects.

Benson is a huge proponent of cannabis and in addition to his own journey with cannabis, the film also examines how California’s legalization clashed with the federal government who raided and closed down legal cannabis facilities. It’s currently streaming on Amazon Prime and it’s an entertaining and informative watch.

Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis – 2013

Diving deep into the science of cannabis, Clearing the Smoke aims to dispel myths and shine a light on the potential beneficial effects of cannabis. With the legality of cannabis at the federal level still being strictly controlled, cannabis science isn’t as widely available or researched as it could be. Clearing the Smoke brings all the most current research together along with an industry interview of top cannabis researchers to paint a vivid picture of a much-maligned plant that can help many people, if only it were legalized.

You can watch Clearing the Smoke on Youtube right now.

Rolling Papers – 2015

Focused on the mass legalization of cannabis in Colorado, Rolling Papers looks at how the state has benefited and how the people have reacted to the legality of the plant. With huge tax boons, unprecedented entrepreneurship, and largely unfettered access to cannabis, the state appears to be thriving, despite clashes with the federal government.

Rolling Papers is streaming on Netflix and is a very interesting watch, particularly if you live in Colorado.

The Culture High – 2014

If you want to learn or educate someone else about the various reasons that cannabis has been so heavily legislated and illegal, The Culture High is a fantastic documentary. Digging into the reasons why cannabis/hemp was made illegal, to begin with, and all of the failures of the administration through the years to appropriately legalize the plant and everything about the process of legalization or decriminalization throughout the country.

For people with misconceptions about cannabis and why it’s illegal, this is a great documentary, but it will be great for anyone who has an interest in the history of cannabis legislation. Currently, it’s streaming on Amazon Prime.



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