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We Cure Because We Care.

The curing process is an important step often overlooked by commercial grow facilities, and for good reason. Curing cannabis means longer turnaround times and less profitability. Therefore, if you’ve purchased cannabis from a commercial harvest, then it’s likely that what you’re smoking is simply dried cannabis—unless you shop at Standing Akimbo.

Standing Akimbo puts quality before anything, and we understand the difference that curing makes when it comes to connoisseur-grade cannabis. The curing process takes place directly after the drying process and heightens the quality and flavor profile of the bud. For instance, curing allows the bacteria to break down any remaining chlorophyll in the plant material. When bud is simply dried, rather than cured, the chlorophyll content within the bud is still high and the marijuana becomes harsh to smoke.

The harshness is due to magnesium contained within the chlorophyll, and the curing process significantly reduces chlorophyll content, leaving you with a much smoother burn. By curing our cannabis, Standing Akimbo controls the moisture level

of the bud.

When the bud dries, it naturally removes water, but the longer the cannabis dries, the more it loses its aroma and flavor. Thus, the curing processis imperative to the quality of cannabis. When the bud is dry enough to burn, but not burn well, the curing process should begin to take place. There are many techniques to curing, but through many years of cultivation experience, we’ve honed and perfected our process.

Although quite simple, the curing process can be difficult to master. Our bud is placed in air tight mason jar containers, and kept in a dry, cool place. Within the first week of the process, the jars are opened and rotated briefly every day. After the first week, the jars are opened for approximately thirty minutes every day for the next few weeks. This allows excess moisture to escape and provides more air for the bacteria to use in breaking down the chlorophyll. Although the curing process can take anywhere from four to six weeks, it’s important to properly store cannabis to avoid over-drying.

After eight weeks, the THC potency can begin to degrade, but this can be slowed down by storing the product in a cool, dry and dark location. Standing Akimbo acknowledges the importance of curing when it comes to potency, flavor and aroma of cannabis. Don’t let your eyes deceive you—cured cannabis cannot be identified by simply looking at it. The quality is in the flavor, potency and quality of the smoke.

“Standing Akimbo puts quality before anything, and we understand the difference that curing makes when it comes to connoisseur grade cannabis.”