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Youth Sports Organization Scores with Funding from Cannabusinesses

“I am somebody. I will succeed.”

Derrick Martin, co-founder of America’s Youth Sports, receives support from Standing Akimbo and other cannabis industry professionals to aid in his organization’s mission of keeping the youth engaged in sports and the community at large. Born in St.

Louis and raised in the Denver area, Martin is now a retired NFL football player with a passion for giving back to Denver’s youth.

Derrick Martin not only talks the game, but he walks it as well. In recent years, Derrick joined his alma mater, Thomas Jefferson High School, as a head football coach in the hopes of bringing back the culture and tradition that shaped who he is today. During Martin’s NFL career, he had the honor of playing with two Super Bowl championship teams, the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants.

He understands the challenges and drive it takes to reach the pinnacle of your sport, and he shares that knowledge with his youth

players. Derrick believes that hard work, determination and perseverance are the keys to unlock a successful life. Since an early age, Derrick’s been guided by his motto: “I am somebody. I will succeed.”

And he’s certainly made himself known and successful both in the world of football and philanthropic endeavors. Martin’s founded and participated in many foundations in the United States as well as abroad in Ghana, Africa & Mexico. He’s since narrowed his focus to the expansion of America’s Youth Sports, a national foundation based out of Denver, whose mission it is to

enable communities and empower children through sports and media.

America’s Youth Sports began in 2013 as a middle school and youth sports broadcasting company, but

now covers youth football leagues in Denver and across the nation. As an ex-professional NFL player, Derrick understands how difficult it is for student athletes to be recognized in small market towns. As Director of Operations, Derrick Martin uses his role to inspire the youth sports community to excel both on the field and in the classroom.

America’s Youth Sports often broadcasts the achievements of young student athletes, and seeing the reaction of players, parents and coaches is what inspires Martin to do what he does. After hearing about AYS (America’s

Youth Sports), players grow more motivated to do well in sports and school. AYS provides academic awards for students who go above and beyond, giving young athletes an extra boost of confidence to persevere in many areas of their lives.

With the help of America’s Youth Sports, countless young students have been recognized nationally and given the opportunity

to visit colleges, something that may not have been an option without AYS. America’s Youth Sports receives donations from cannabis businesses to support its mission, and Derrick Martin’s views on marijuana are simple.

He believes that professional athletes living in legal states should be able to abide by state cannabis laws, rather than the rules

of the league commissioner. And while he supports adult use of cannabis, and believes anyone of age should be able to partake

similarly to alcohol, he strongly affirms that there is no place for cannabis when it comes to young children. He sees funding from the marijuana industry as a great opportunity to educate kids about cannabis use, and help youth athletes resist the urge to consume underage.

“Professional athletes living in legal states should

be able to abide by state cannabis laws, rather than the rules

of the league commissioner.”

With extra donations from cannabis businesses, Martin hopes to advocate for drug safety and compliance, a message that he believes is not being conveyed in communities that America’s Youth Sports serves.

For more information about America’s Youth Sports, you may visit them online here. For information

on how you can donate, please follow Standing Akimbo’s social media pages.

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